The salary they pay is designed to distract you from the fact they’re stealing your life force —as they leave you on the side of the road when it’s time.

This is a #RealTalk post for those ready to quit their 9-5.

Here’s the deal:

You’re not meant to fit in a box.
You’re not meant to work for others.
You’re not meant to seek fake security.

And yet —you find yourself debating whether or not you should go out on your own.

But here’s the problem:

You’ve adapted to security.
You’ve adapted to the comfort.
You’ve adapted to the bank deposits.

And because of adaptation, each day you’ve started to talk yourself back into it —saying:

“I should be grateful for what I have.”

(You can be grateful for what you have and allow the negative emotions to fuel change.)

“Others would kill for a safe position.”

(You don’t want what others want, so unless you want to live a safe life, why do you care?)

“At least there’s a team and people here.”

(Sure, people who want to see you stay the same, play small and enable your excuses as you dream bigger.)

“But I feel bad leaving them out to dry.”

(Remember no company is loyal to you: they’re loyal to their bottom line and will dump you.)

The problem with adaptation is every day that passes —it gets harder to make the change:

Until there’s no urgency.
Until there’s no inner fire.
Until there’s no momentum.

Let me clear here:

Can you be happy, fulfilled and thriving working for someone else?

I believe you can —but this post is not for you.

This post is for the rebels, mavericks, thinkers, dreamers, the artists, writers, punks, world-changers, disruptors —who know they’re unemployable.

Because after a decade of being an entrepreneur, here’s what I know:

Nothing is better than chasing your dream.
Nothing is better than owning your desires.
Nothing is better than believing in yourself.
Nothing is better than crafting your own life.
Nothing is better than owning your schedule.
Nothing is better than practicing self-reliance.
Nothing is better than going all in on yourself.
Nothing is better than loving the process daily.
Nothing is better than discovering who you are.

Is it for everyone?

No, it’s not —but you’re not for everyone.

Is it always easy?

No, it’s not —there will be plenty of challenges.

Is it always fun?

No, it’s not —because feeling alive is better than fun.

So let me ask you:

What are you waiting for?

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