Personal growth is a hot mess on a Saturday night after one-too-many tequila shots, bear-hugging strangers —and waking up in Vegas tied to a cactus…naked.

(We’ve all been there, well —that’s a story for another time.)

Here’s the truth:

The curated, 18 minute TED-style motivational videos you’re consuming may be doing a disservice.

Now, they may not be intentional about this —but they’re conveniently leaving out 97% of the story.

The reality is:

Your path will have countless dips, peaks, valleys, rock-bottoms, riveting highs, mountaintop, its-really-happening moments —and everything in between.

In other words:

Growth is messy.
Growth is not linear.
Growth is unpredictable.

And if you don’t understand this —you will set false expectations and beat yourself up when your results don’t come to life after six weeks.

So, how do you deal with the fact that personal growth is messy?

Embrace the messiness —and give yourself grace.

Your process is unique and can’t be summed up by people on stage. Trade the perfectionism for messiness and watch the magic unfold.

See the process not as a means to an end —but the “end”.

I want you to think about this —what if the process was the very end you were chasing anyway?

Honor the 88/12 Rule of transformation.

The 88/12 rule goes as follows —your results are 88% emotional management and 12% tactics, tools and strategies.

Have a badass community where you can come for help.

Going it alone is a recipe for disaster —we all need a tribe of like-mined people who has our back when it gets hard.

Plant seeds every day —but leave space for the magic.

Do you really want to know every step of your path? Some of life’s most thrilling moments come from the mystery and magic of the unknown.

Stop glorying others on the mountaintop.

As Lisa Nichols says: “you make me extraordinary because it lets you off the hook” —the people you look up to also go through the same doubts and challenges.

Is personal growth messy?

Absolutely —but it’s also thrilling, riveting and full of moments where you can’t believe you get to experience it.


This is what you signed up for: you asked for a bigger life.

The simple fact is:

Every day, I feel doubt.
Every day, I feel resistance.
Every day, I feel uncertainty.

And the secret is —because of these —not at the exclusion of them:

Every day —I feel alive.

And that, my friends, is enough to carry you forth into the unknown.

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