Personal growth avoidance is being on an endless quest for more information, breakthroughs and motivational YouTube porn —living drenched in possibility.

But not actually, you know, doing anything with it.

(Raises hand, I’ve been there.)

Here’s the truth:

All of this content is potent —and it has fundamentally shifted my life in various ways.

But there’s a dark side:

The constant ‘high’ of possibility.
The constant quest for the next hit.
The constant avoidance of the work.

Because we all love the high —the vision quest, the spark of an idea for a side hustle or to finally quit the 9-5 at the insurance gig.

But what comes next?

The actual work.
The actual process.
The actual integration.

And guess what —none of those are sexy —and is where you will brush up with all types of emotions:

You will realize it’s hard.
You will realize it takes work.
You will realize it’s emotional.

Because we’ve all met the guy or gal who can dissect anyone’s problems and coach them up —regurgitating life principes and quotes on purpose, passion and persistence.

But they’re also living in their parent’s basement collecting state unemployment.

So, what’s a better way?

Honor your clarity —by bringing it to life:

Become obsessed with action.
Become obsessed with repetition.
Become obsessed with integration.
Become obsessed with the process.
Become obsessed with daily progress.

Otherwise, you’ll be on a one-way-ticket to the land where everyone has read Awaken The Giant Within, Expert Secrets and the Four Hour Workweek…

And now calls Tony, Russel and Tim scammers.

They were once believers, they had their own dream —but they never got started.

And that resentment leads to destruction.

I’ve seen firsthand how personal growth avoidance can kill clarity and what was once a beautiful dream.

Don’t let it happen to you.

How do you overcome personal growth avoidance?