If you’re unable to experience peak states of presence, joy and deep fulfillment at $75,000 —you sure as hell won’t at $500,000.

Let me explain:

Striving for goals is potent.
Striving for results is potent.
Striving for growth is potent.

It activates a core part of the human spirit that is designed to chase a compelling horizon and:

Make you feel alive.
Make you feel inspired.
Make you feel connected.

However this same part that works for us —can lead to lack, scarcity and a ‘never enough’ mentality.

So ask yourself:

  • How often do you experience peace now?
  • How often do you experience presence now?
  • How often do you experience fulfillment now?

Because if you’re waiting to feel these states for a bank number in the future, the corner office or being featured on Oprah:

You’re going to miss ‘here’ for ‘there.’
You’re going to miss life’s best moments.
You’re going to miss the six inches in front of you.

So, what’s a better way?

Practice emotional success every single day and embody what it feels like to be living your North Star vision —before it arrives.

Personally, I have very ambitious goals around money —because money is a powerful tool:

Money opens up doors.
Money opens up access.
Money opens up growth.

But I’m sure as hell not waiting around for a digit on a computer screen to dictate how I feel on a daily basis.

People ask me:

How are you so positive, inspired and full of momentum?

The answer is simple:

When I was dead broke, lost, off purpose and driving to a 9-5 I couldn’t wait to escape from—I became that person.

I’d drive into a call center everyone hated blaring motivational podcasts and doing clapping push-ups in the parking lot.

Was it over the top?


Did it create a peak state?


Did it teach me to not wait for success?

You bet.

And no, I didn’t do this once after watching a Tony Robbins course —I did it for years before any results were happening.

Don’t wait to feel an internal state —create it.

Otherwise, you’ll either hate every step of the process or arrive at a mile marker of success and not know how to enjoy it.

We’ve all met that person.

Which isn’t quite success after all, right?

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