Despite what the influencers and cute social media platitudes tell you, if you want a life others don’t have —then be prepared to pay the price.

In other words:

Be prepared to sacrifice.
Be prepared to stand out.
Be prepared to be different.

And be willing to own this —because you’re not going to fit in with those chasing society’s benchmarks.

I often talk to people who say:

“Tommy, I feel like I should be further along —I know people who are established in their careers and lives.”

And I always say:

You don’t want their life —so why do you care?

The reality is:

Going against the “status quo” seems cool on paper, but it also means:

You’ll question your path.
You’ll question your vision.
You’ll question your skillset.

And there will be times during a high-growth life where you’ll wonder if you’re cut out for this and whether you should:

Get back in line.
Get back in school.
Get back to a safe path.
Get back to the comfy 9-5.
Get back to being “normal”.
Get back to a comfortable path.

(And by the way —if these light you up then go all in please.)

As David Kekich who wrote the brilliant Kekich Credo’s once said:

If your purpose of life is security, you will be a failure. Security is the lowest form of happiness.

The question, then, becomes:

  • Do you want security or do you want growth?
  • Do you want comfort or do you want purpose?
  • Do you want approval or do you want rapture?

If you’re out there and pushing the needle of your growth:

I see you.

Be careful who or what you listen to —because the allure to “get back in line” is tempting.

But it’ll eat away at your soul as you crunch numbers for a company you want nothing to do with —all for some illusion of security.

Paying the price is part of a meaningful life.

Will you heed the call?

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