“Tommy, I listened to a podcast of yours about having a vivid vision to smallest detail and then on detaching —I am confused at this contradicting advice.”

A podcast listener recently asked me this —and here’s the deal:

We must have a real vision.
We must have a clear vision.
We must have a vivid vision.

And at the same time, with the same intensity of that vision:

We must allow ourselves to let go.
We must allow ourselves to detach.
We must allow ourselves to release.

How does this make sense?

Because ultimate truth isn’t found in the absolutes of one side:

It is found in the paradox.
It is found in the contrast.
It is found in the opposites.

And the very definition of consciousness is being able to hold two competing ideas in our heads at the same time.

What I’ve realized over my quest scouring the globe for what it takes to live a thriving life —is the paradox is the most universal truth.

And in regards to our vision:

We must be obsessive and then let go.
We must be committed and then play.
We must be structured and then release.

And most importantly —we must take daily, courageous action based on our future selves and then leave space for divine timing.

It reminds me of that classic E.B. White Quote:

I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve (or save) the world and a desire to enjoy (or savor) the world.

And again —the paradox is back:

  • You can’t save a world you don’t savor.
  • You can’t savor a world you don’t want.

So as you set your vision for 2021 and beyond —be willing to live inside of this paradox.

That’s the game of the evolved, the masters, the sages amongst us who can transcend “normal” truth.

And that’s where all the magic happens.

What do you think of the paradox of vision?

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