When you’re in the trenches and making progress while feeling alive in the process —you recognize it’s only a matter of time.

And this feeling:

Allows you to love the ride.
Allows you to love the process.
Allows you to love the pursuit.

Here’s the reality:

We control our attitude, mindset, actions, ways of thinking, doing and being, environments and the mentors we hire in pursuit of our dream.

But there’s one thing we cannot control:

The timing of our dream.
The timing of our visions.
The timing of our results.

And often what gets in the way and causes undue stress, anxiety and overwhelm is the feeling that it’s not happening fast enough.

But again, let me ask you:

What if the process made you feel the peace and freedom of your outcome?

Because this is how you collapse the time from here to there:

  • To feel the peace of your vision right now.
  • To feel the clarity of your vision right now.
  • To feel the freedom of your vision right now.

And when you do —there’s no space left for impatience, frustration or banging your head against the wall.

You can rest easy knowing from a deep place:

It’s only a matter of time.

Not in a bohemian, do-nothing and sip kale juice type of way —but in a real, grounded knowing.

And that “time” may be tomorrow or six years from now.

To the committed —it doesn’t make much of a difference because they love the ride.

To the interested —it makes all the difference because they’re white knuckling the ride.

Which are you?

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