If you believe you have a brand, product or service that can truly improve someone’s life —you’re being selfish if you don’t do everything you can to put it out there.

Let me explain:

If you give in to the voices of self-doubt and insecurities —you’re being selfish at the expense of someone else’s benefit.

Here’s why:

There’s someone out there right now waiting and hoping you have the courage to ship as Seth Godin says:

They’re waiting for you to get serious.
They waiting for you to make be bold.
They’re waiting for you to have courage.


Because they need what you have to offer —and can either solve a big problem in their life or create a radical transformation.

And giving into the little voices of doubt, being seen as “salesly” or putting yourself out there too much is nothing but a cop out.

So, how do you overcome this?

The next time you find yourself stuck and swirling in the voices of self doubt, you do one thing:

You close your eyes and you think about the one person out there struggling who could use what you have to offer.

You think about those moments in their life where they feel ready to give up, give in and fold up shop.

And once you align with that energy, coupled with your belief in what you’re doing:

You put yourself out there.
You click record on the message.
You overcome the critics and haters.

Because your mission is bigger than you, if you’re doing it right.

It’s not about you, and the insecurities we all face on a daily basis.

So, what are you waiting for?

Because someone else needs what you have to offer, they need to hear it from you —and time is ticking.

And they’ll wait…but they won’t wait forever.

Will you?

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