Torch your Plan B.
Torch your Plan C.
Torch your Plan D.

Otherwise —you’ll wake up at 83 drenched in regret knowing you missed your shot at your desire and chose to live someone else’s life.

(In other words, your Plan B is a surefire way to experience the crippling pain of untapped potential.)

Here’s the deal:

You have this dream stirring inside, whispering you during the quiet moments of life, but:


Because it doesn’t matter how much logic you cram into your mind about your Plan B or how amazing your dental benefits are —it’s not what you want deep inside.

One of my most valued and shared quotes —which I’ve done three-hour long training sessions talking about how powerful these 18 words can be, is:

“We are kept from our goal not by obstacles but by a clear path to a lesser goal.”

Please read that again —because it can fundamentally change how you think about your life.

Or, take a quote from my book, Hustlers and Seekers —by psychology professor Rita Stein:

“If our life plans or even just short-term goals are guided by external criteria . . . without a true understanding of what it is that we actually want or what fulfills and satisfies us, then we end up at minimum disconcerted and unhappy, and at worst, with a midlife crisis or severely depressed.”

No, thanks.

Ultimately, having a Plan B, C or D ends up killing the non-negotiable urgency you’ll need to:

  • Put yourself on the line.
  • Make courageous moves.
  • Commit 100% to yourself.
  • Stop hesitating and execute.
  • Get over insecurities and go.
  • Stop fantasizing and start living.
  • Overcome indecision and paralysis.

Let me ask you:

Would you rather chase a safe Plan B —or feel alive in the pursuit of what you really want?

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