How much cash are you creating this week?
How many Pomodoro sessions are you doing?
How will you set boundaries amongst the noise?

Let me explain why this matters as a client recently came to me stuck in their finances and —wanting to make more money.

And what we realized was a common pattern:

They were avoiding actions that led to money.
They were avoiding choices that led to money.
They were avoiding decisions that led to money.

In other words —they were winging it and had no goals.

Sure, they were being ‘busy’ —but mostly doing a ton of ‘fake’ work and procrastinating on what mattered.

(We’ve all been there.)

And so, as we start a new week:

If you have zero plan, zero target and no goals —it won’t happen no matter how many times you watch Tony Robbins or align your chakras.


Success is not about 14-hour days, ‘hustling’ until your eyes bleed —and sacrificing your life for growth.

In fact, the more I grow, expand and work with clients —I notice:

Success is simple.
Success is about less.
Success is showing up.
Success is small daily wins.
Success is about consistency.
Success is an emotional game.
Success is about your comeback rate.
Success is having mentors in your corner.
Success is doing the work for your future self.

The reality is:

Quitting your 9-5 is easy.
Making $200k a year is easy.
Publishing your first book is easy.

But without a plan, a system, any kind of deliberate intent —you have a scant hope to create those.

Be careful about having no goals —it’s how you end up like John.

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