You’ve set a bold vision for yourself, stepped into possibility —but now you’re focused on the gap between where you are and where you want to be, right?

We’ve all been there.

And the problem with traditional goal setting is that:

It has you operate from not enough.
It has you operate from lack and need.
It has you operate from sheer desperation.

(No, thanks…all of these push away the very goals we want to achieve.)

So, what’s a better way?

Enter what I call the new Law of Attraction because it requires both energetics and relentless action.

Let me explain:

Our lives are a compounding of tens of thousands of decisions and choices on a daily, weekly and yearly basis.

Which means how we’re making decisions is pretty damn important.

But most of us make decisions based on who we’ve been —our past behaviors, patterns and results —not who we’re becoming.

Which means our future feels like an exact replica of our past and we wonder why we’re stuck.

Enter the new Law Of Attraction —a way to merge today’s current reality with tomorrow’s future possibility.

(But instead of sitting on the couch watching The Secret, you actually start to live it.)

And I’ll introduce it with a simple question:

What if you made every decision going forward as if you were already living your future vision?

Meaning —take yourself physically, mentally and emotionally to the version of yourself who has already accomplished their goal.

And tap into their wisdom to choose something today.

For example:

Is this meal aligned with your future self?

Is this coffee meeting aligned with your future self?

Is this investment in a program aligned with your future self?

And by doing this —you start to collapse the future vision and who you are today —and no longer focus on what’s missing.

Because the decisions that are hard for you today —the ones that create a knot in your stomach:

They’re easy for your future self.
They’re simple for your future self.
They’re obvious for your future self.

Now, let me be clear here:

This won’t be easy —and you’re going to brush up with today’s comfort zone countless times.

I’ve used this to leave a 9-5, start a new business, leave a business I started, move cross country based on intuition, invest in myself countless times an tons more.

It works, if you work it.

The new Law of Attraction is:

  • Energetics —being able to visualize yourself living and feeling your future goals come to life.
  • Relentless action —using the above as a framework, making as many decisions from that place as you can.

The reality is:

Your future self knows exactly what you should be doing right now.

And they’re asking you to get moving.

Today’s decision may seem like a big deal to your current or past self —but to your future self using the new Law Of Attraction —it’s nothing.

Do this long enough and watch everything change.

What do you think?