If you simply put out enough value into the world, then you’ll have full bank accounts, a thriving business —and be in a blissful state of financial abundance, right?

Yeah, uh, no —not even close.

Here’s the reality:

You can put out all the value in the world:

And still be stuck.
And still be broke.
And still be flailing.

The Myth Of Value perpetuates across the Hustle Porn, influencer-turned-coach world, 6-steps-to-six-figures world.

And let’s be clear here —of course value matters.

(That’s like saying Phoenix will be hot in July —dude, we have oven mitts in our cars.)

But value is only part of the equation —because a lot of people “hide” under the guise of value.

They use cheap platitudes like:

“I’m being in service.”
“I’m putting out value.”
“I’m tapping into purpose.”

But deep down they’re wondering why it’s not working and they’re not seeing any type of, uh, real results.

(Usually they’re also avoiding being radically honest…raises hand.)

I believed the Myth of Value —and yet found myself arguing with Bank of America on why my account was over-drafted…for the seventh time.

So, what’s a better way?

1. Create value —learn skills.

You can create value —but without relentlessly pursuing skills, it will rarely translate to long-term results.

2. Seek rejection —or reject yourself.

Part of the myth of value is hiding —and not being audacious enough to put yourself out there every single day.

3. Get over your ego and enroll people.

The ego doesn’t want to be bruised so it avoids enrolling people and offering them a chance for more of what we have to offer.

5. Stop treating your work as a hobby.

Treating what you’re doing like a hobby means you’ll get, well…hobby results —part of any business is adopting the identity of a CEO.

The reality is:

Value matters, but in a noisy world —it’s only part of the equation.

There’s tons of people in the world who put out value and aren’t moving the needle.

Because the myth of value is holding them back.

What’s your experience with this myth?

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