After studying and learning the world’s best leaders, creators, athletes, academics and entrepreneurs —there’s one factor that stands out amongst the rest.

It’s not skill.
It’s not talent.
It’s not resources.

It’s their level of coachability, in other words —how open, ready and willing they are to feedback along their quest.

And if you want to succeed at the highest level:

You’ll have to become the most coachable person in any room.


Coachability deletes overthinking.
Coachability deletes lack of belief.
Coachability deletes playing small.

And ultimately —coachability is how you stay resilient, improve your comeback rate and drop the ego on the regular.

So, how do you become the most coachable person in any room?

Drop the ego.

Most people won’t hire a coach because their ego won’t let them —creating false narratives and excuses. Being coachable starts with dropping the ego.

Listen and execute.

When working with a coach —listen like your life depends on it and execute like ever before. This is what you signed up for, remember?

Don’t buy your own hype.

Success out the gates leads to the ‘lone wolf’ mentality —thinking you can do it alone. Examine the best of all time who implemented more coaching as they went along, not less.

Limit your inputs.

There’s nothing worse than someone who hires a coach and then listens to 11 podcasts on the same topic. Limit your inputs. Listen with fervor.

Put money in the game.

We tend to invest in leather jackets, Cancun vacations —and the latest iPhone. But what about investing in your future self? Free advice is mostly worthless.

Here’s what happens when you become the most coachhable person in any room:

You execute.
You stop overanalyzing.
You rehearse your future.
You start before you’re ready.
You pay attention to the details.
You create serious momentum.
You surround yourself with A players.

So, let me ask you —how coachable are you?

Your answer to this question will determine everything.

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