You’re stuck financially because you’ve got more baggage around money than Hoarders on A&E —and self sabotaging when you’re close to breaking through.

Here’s the reality:

Money is a piece of paper with a dead president on it —that has zero inherent value unless agreed upon and yet:

We’re scared to want more.
We’re scared to create more.
We’re scared to desire more.

And then we wonder why we discount our rates, can’t seem to ever have “enough” —and spend years in the same position.

Now, trust me —I’ve been there countless times.

(I still hold the record for overdrafts in one day, according to Karl from Bank of America.)

But after a decade in the trenches of entrepreneurship, coaching and business —here’s three reasons why you may be stuck financially.

You associate money with ‘bad.’

If money is full of guilt, shame, unworthiness —you’re going to repel it like the Stage 5 clinger who texts seven times in a row and stalks your LinkedIn after the first date.

You only want enough to ‘survive.’

You want ‘some’ —but don’t define it. And if this is undefined, you’ll get enough to squeak by but always be teetering on the edge of scarcity.

You distract yourself from what matters.

This is the person who pours all their energy into a YouTube channel or podcast —and yet avoids the fastest path to cash like sales calls or direct client communication.

Here’s the deal:

Money creates options, gives access —and allows us to fuel our impact, purpose and mission.

And I always ask people:

What would your life be like with an extra $2,000 or $5,000 or $7,500 per month?

I want good people like you, to make a ton more money.


Because it will only amplify more of who you are.

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