“I’m taking on 5 new coaches who want to make $20K a month with no audience!”

“I’ll teach you to launch a podcast and make your full-time income through sponsors…guaranteed!”

“Discover how I made $10K a month on Instagram stories and so can you!”

(Facepalm —I’m pretty sure I threw up in my mouth.)

Here’s the deal:

I’m seeing this “hype” marketing everywhere—and it’s placing false expectations on countless people.

The truth is:

When you take a courageous, bold move of launching and don’t get immediate cash in the bank or the “results” these pseudo-influencers promise:

You think something is wrong with you.

You think you’re not not skilled or have value.

You think you’re not deserving of any success.

And it’s not that those things are impossible —some of the clients I’m blessed to work with are literally making the impossible, possible.

But it’s about expectations —which are a massive part of human psychology, behavior and your ability to stay in the game.

When people come to me saying they’re ready to make $10,000 a month with their online business —I ask how much they’re generating now:

“Well, uh, uhmm…I don’t have any clients…yet.”

And then I remind them:

One is greater than zero.

Start with one client.

Start with one package.

Start with your first $1,000.

Start with your first 500 downloads.

Start with your first 100 email subscribers.

It may not be the sexiest message in the world —but here’s what I know:

Massive expectations lead to overwhelm…

Overwhelm leads to paralysis analysis and comparison…

Comparison leads to self-doubt and quitting in a blaze of glory.

I speak the truth on this and it gets me less followers, and less clients.

(I can’t lie to people and go against a core value of integrity.)

But I’m not a bullshitter —I’m someone who helps people create a deep level of fulfillment and blow-their-own-minds performance for life:

Not for one week.

Not for one month.

Not for one quarter.

So if you’re out there overwhelmed with the noise, feeling like you got FOMO for not being on every platform —opting in to the same “hack” over and over to increase engagement and pitch you inside of DM’s:

Shift your focus to what’s in front of you, celebrate your wins, and move the needle 1% every day.

This message won’t sell out arenas or dance party seminars but it’ll give you your power and mental sanity back.

Isn’t that worth something?

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