In the personal development, do-these-7-things to ensure your success world —there’s endless chatter around morning routines.

You can’t spend any time online perusing a blog in this world —including this one —without mentioning these routines, or the countless books that have sprung from it.

There are power ours, miracle mornings, 5AM clubs and a litany of hacks, tricks and tips to start the day emotionally empowered.

I say these things, too.

There’s no doubt there is an incredible power in setting the tone for your day with rituals to put you in a peak emotional state.

Yet, one of the most powerful morning routines I have has nothing to do with gratitude, aligning my chakras or sipping green juice.

It’s reading Reddit.

Often times considered the garbage bin of the internet along with Twitter, reading Reddit is a crucial part of my morning routine.

I’d be lost without it. I’d forget to live with purpose. I’d fall prey to the little details trying to pull me away from my vision —gossip, what someone posted on Instagram or how my Bulldog still can’t follow through on a “paw” request.

I don’t simply read Reddit aimlessly, I read one specific post written by John from Reddit.

In fact, besides this one post — I know very little about it and spend no other time on it.

The post I read every single morning is this one:


There isn’t a time when I’ve read this text and not experienced a sinking feeling in my gut — and if you did too, great.

This text hits me hard. Bourbon, neat, to the face hard. Sparring with a UFC champion hard. 41 degree-ice-bath hard.

It hits me harder than the thousands of books I’ve read in other disciplines.

And it hits me this way —because it’s real.

I can feel the emotion of regret in every word and the heaviness it comes with. Within these words, I learn the most valuable lesson:

The pain of regret will destroy our lives.

This is the life we didn’t live. It’s the mundane existence that comes from it. I could tell you what it is, but you’ve just felt it. We’ve all felt John’s pain in our own lives, at least to some degree.

The unlived life is an easy trap we can all slide into.

It’s a hollow existence that feels like something is always missing. It leads to emotional detachment and the feeling that the best time of our lives has come. And it has gone.

Now, if I were to spend time with John from Reddit, I’d tell him it’s not too late.

Tis post made the rounds on Reddit with over 4,000 comments and he received endless support to get back on track, finish the book, and repair the relationship with his son.

I’m hoping he made that choice because while life does have windows of opportunity, they don’t fully close shut until we’re gone.

When you read John from Reddit’s story, what comes up for you?

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