It’s risky to chase your dreams.

(No, the real risk is waking up at 77 knowing you missed your shot.)

It’s risky to start your business.

(No, the real risk is shelving your dreams for the illusion of security.)

It’s risky to invest in yourself.

(No, the real risk is investing in toys and gadgets that distract you.)

It’s risky to tell them how you feel.

(No, the real risk is letting time pass and never speaking the truth.)

It’s risky to double down on yourself.

(No, the real risk is living vicariously through others on social media.)

It’s risky to make the bold pitch.

(No, the real risk is playing small and never giving yourself permission.)

It’s risky to raise your prices.

(No, the real risk is turning what you love into a mundane chore.)

It’s risky to be an artist or creative.

(No, the real risk is turning your back on what lights you on fire.)

Here’s the deal:

The risk is not going for it.
The risk is not taking a chance.
The risk is not making the move.

And ultimately, the biggest risk you can take is to talk yourself out of it —and then waking up realizing:

You missed your shot.
You missed your chance.
You missed your window.

And then the pain of untapped potential takes over until there’s nothing left as you resent the world and yourself.

(We’ve all met these people who soothe this pain by being the loudest critics from Section 419.)

There’s nothing worse than going against what you know is right —to gain the approval of people you don’t care about.

That’s the ultimate risk.

So, let me ask you:

Which risk will you choose?