“I don’t do calendars, Tommy”.

Well, that’s good for you —and that’s why you’re broke, stuck and frustrated.

A few years back I had this conversation with someone who was unwilling to make a change and:

Take control back of their time.
Take control back of their vision.
Take control back of their energy.

And instead of being open, ready and willing to change:

They stuck to their old ways.
They stuck to their old views.
They stuck to their old patterns.

(It’s always ironic when someone comes pleading for help and then is too stubborn to change —talk about ego.)

Here’s the deal:

Most people hate their calendar because it represents a life they don’t want.

Even if it’s “working” —it’s full with other people’s needs, obligations and desires.


  • What if your calendar was a gift to your future self?
  • What if your calendar was testament to your commitment?
  • What if your calendar was proof of your vision coming true?

The litmus test I use with my clients is simple:

If a stranger looked at your calendar —what would they see?

For years, I avoided calendars under the guise that entrepreneurs are free spirits.

But then I realized:

Most “free spirits” are broke, lost and stuck —and so was I.

(It’s hard to be a free spirit when you’re praying your card goes through because you spent it all on a psychic.)

When you own your calendar:

You own your life.
You own your time.
You own your vision.
You own your energy.
You own your future.
You own your results.
You own your intention.

And most importantly —you stop being someone who talks a big game on social media and actually does the work every day.

And even if you work forty hours a week for someone else:

There are still 128 hours to plug in your priorities, dreams and needle-movers into your calendar.

So let me ask you:

What does your calendar say about you?

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