It’s here, it’s here…it’s here!

I’m thrilled to announce my new book, Hustlers and Seekers —How To Crush It and Find Fulfillment Without Losing Your Mind.

hustlers and seekers tommy baker

So, why this book?

In the world of personal growth, you’re told to pick a side:

  • You can be a hard-charging, type A, ambitious person who does a nine-step morning ritual before 6 AM and blares Gary Vee on your commute.


  • You can be a grounded, spiritually inclined person who spends plenty of time in “being” and listens to Abraham Hicks aligning chakras with your true North.

However —we need both for high performance and deep fulfillment.

This creates a dilemma:

How do you know when it’s time to step on the gas —and when it’s time to let go?


  • How do you chase a vision without being desperate?
  • How do you perform like an A player and shut it off?
  • How can you be grateful today while wanting more?

This book is designed to answer these questions and more.

And while it’s early —it’s up for pre-order on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

(It’s FREE to pre-order and the price will go down but it’ll support this work.)

If you’ve ever received value from the 3,300+ posts on social media over the years, the 300+ podcasts, and the annoyingly positive work I’ve done…

Go ahead and place a pre-order for Hustlers and Seekers today.

It’s a huge way to support the book —but also help you.


Because I’ve been torn between these worlds too —and found a sweet spot of “doing” and “being”, of ambition and alignment, of grittiness and gratitude.

In fact, I’ve discovered both sides need one another and to deny one side is to miss out.

To deny the inner hustler —is to deny the part of us that is hardwired to chase tomorrow’s compelling horizon.

To deny the inner seeker —is to deny the part of us that is meant to go inward and find the meaning of this life.

And it’s all here for you 🙂

Let me ask you:

Are you a hustler, or a seeker —or a mix?

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