Honor the season of your life, career and business and push the throttle down until you have nothing left —or retreat into the cave and detach.

Yesterday, I got a reader question from Sean on Instagram:

Tommy, how do I  honor a season of exploration and curiosity —but also ensure I’m not being overly detached or lazy?

(This question is summarized by me.)

And it’s a fantastic question, because:

We must honor our season.
We must honor our timing.
We must honor our growth.

First, let me explain what these ‘seasons’ are about —a way for us to honor the cycles of nature, because, well, we are nature.

  • Winter is a time of hibernation, incubation, deep rest and recovery.
  • Spring is a time of new energy, bringing forth the seeds from winter.
  • Summer is a time of fire, intensity, long days and nights with vigor.
  • Fall season is a time of letting go, shedding skin, and of celebration.

And so, knowing this framework helps us work and live in a cyclical nature —in harmony with our natural world.

(Mind you, these cycles for you likely won’t follow the calendar year, although, they could.)

Here’s what I would advise you to do:

Honor your season.

Don’t force anything, and instead, surrender to the moment. Be willing to fully “be” where you are.

Listen to your intuition.

Turn the volume up on the inner voice —and be open, curious and attentive to themes, patterns and answers.

Dose aspects of other seasons.

Regardless of the season, dose in small parts of others —create a little structure in Winter, dose reflection in Summer.

Start to sprinkle in challenge or rest.

When you’re feeling like “it’s time” —dose higher levels of other seasons and see how you respond…this will let you know when you’re ready.

And ultimately —practice self-awareness, listen to your self-talk and intuition.

Here’s the deal:

  • The ambitious, the driven, those who set and chase goals —overvalue Summer and Spring seasons.
  • The explorers, seekers, those who embody spiritual work —overvalue Winter and Fall seasons.

Both are equally important:

If you don’t show up when it’s time, launch the business and do the work —you miss out.

If you don’t hang back and detach, do the inner work and let ideas incubate —you miss out.

Personally, as I write and finish a new book, have a full roster of clients, have made bold moves —I’ve been in Summer.

But my mind, body and spirit are also craving time off after this.

And last —remember:

Your biggest breakthroughs, ideas, creative endeavors —will come during seasons of reflection and slowing down.

What season are you?

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