Let sadness rip you wide open, allow fear to course through your veins —be willing to feel the grips of despair, discouragement and questioning what the hell you’re doing.

(Wait, what!? This doesn’t sound positive, Tommy.)

Here’s the reality —one of the biggest problems in the personal growth and spiritual communities is:

Most people do not honor their negative emotions —and feel bad about feeling bad.

And it’s doing more harm than good because a massive part of growth is:

Emotional flow —the ability to feel every emotion and stay open, willing and curious.

Without judgement.
Without guilt or shame.
Without numbing or avoidance.
Without instantly finding the good.
Without feeling like you’re doing it wrong.

Here’s what 95% of ‘coaches’, influencers and live-your-best-life authors won’t tell you:

A high growth life will require brushing up with intense emotions and being exposed to vulnerability.

(Meaning —if you want a life that brings you to tears with joy, be ready to feel the opposite too.)

So, how do you deal with your emotions?

Allow ‘emotional flow’ —feel them fully.

(Otherwise, you are literally bypassing and stopping the flow.)

Do not judge yourself, rather, be curious.

(Emotions are like weather…but patterns is valuable.)

Ask yourself —how is this emotion serving?

(All emotions, and especially ‘negative’ ones, can serve your highest self.)

Have an emotional toolkit to face them head on.

(Use tools to face, process and leverage emotions for growth.)

Be willing to sit in the depth of every emotion.

(This is what makes you human and makes you fiercely alive.)

When you honor your negative emotions —you tap into a life well lived.

People ask me all the time:

“How are you so positive, Tommy?”

It’s because I face —and allow — every emotion head on.

That is really living, what I call ‘fiercely alive.’

And it is goddamn beautiful.

I teach my clients on how to deal with the emotions that come with growth, otherwise, staying consistent is a pipe dream.

How can you honor your negative emotions more fully?

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