It’s going to get harder before it gets easier.

Let me explain:

While starting, launching, creating and taking that first step can seem challenging:

It’s only the start.
It’s only the first move.
It’s only the beginning.

In a world where anyone can instantly buy a domain, logo and have a website up for a couple hundred bucks:

It’s never been easier to start.
It’s never been easier to create.
It’s never been easier to launch.

While this is a great thing but it means you’re now competing with anyone who has access to the internet.

(Which is going to be around 5 billion people soon.)

So if you’re out there wanting more results, growth, success —let me be clear here:

It’s going to get harder before it gets easier.

Let’s dive into the tools, mindsets and practices you’ll need so you can not only overcome this —but use it as fuel.

Accept your hard.

We tend to avoid what’s hard instead of leaning in. The first step is to accept the path you chose, if it’s truly your —will be hard.

Manage your emotions.

As I’ve said all the time, 88% of change is an emotional game against the ebbs and flows of the psyche —become ruthless at managing emotions.

Play the long game.

In a world where everyone wants to be an overnight success, play the long game. Work your ass off, but then practice divine timing and let go.

Stop comparing different paths.

Ryan Holiday is two years younger and has 10X the success —this could cripple me. Ask yourself: who or what are you comparing yourself to?

Embrace the messy middle.

The messy middle is when the high of starting has faded away —but the North Star vision also seems daunting. Embrace this middle ground.

And last —remember the golden question:

What if your process wasn’t a means to an end —but the end itself?

Maybe instead of ‘waiting’ for some destination:

You’d be free right now.
You’d be alive right now.
You’d be joyful right now.
You’d be on fire right now.
You’d be obsessed right now.

It’s going to get harder before it gets easier.

So, what?

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