You’ve got the clarity to know something must change in your life, that the time is now and there is no more ‘waiting’ —but the voice inside keeps telling you that you may fail.

And let’s be real here —that voice is right:

There is a possibility of losing.
There is a possibility of failure.
There is a possibility of stumbling.

However —if you’re currently holding onto something that is already out of alignment or unfulfilling to you:

You’re already 100% guaranteed to fail.

(Please read that more than once.)

Let me explain:

Recently I spoke with someone who is sick of their job and knows they’re meant for more.

They desire independence, autonomy and control of their own schedule through entrepreneurship but when they think of what’s possible —failure comes back up.

What they don’t realize is by staying in the same circumstance the “possibility” of failure is replaced by the guarantee of it.

In other words:

They have nothing to lose —because the worst case scenario is winding back up at a job that is soul-sucking and unfulfilling.

(Hello, uh, current reality.)

And what they’re not thinking about are all the upsides —instead of worst case scenarios:

  • The passion that arises when working on your craft.
  • The energy that comes when they choose themselves.
  • The growth that is created when living in alignment.

And most importantly —the signal we send to ourselves and those around us when we stop playing small.

Years ago, I was in a city I was sick and tired of, had built a business I couldn’t wait to move on from and had been cycling in and out of relationships.

In other words —nothing was working.

And the clarity that arose inside of me was bold —moving cross country to a place where I didn’t know a soul to start a new business and life.

As my ego started to create worst case scenarios of total failure —that’s when it hit me:

If I stay here —I’m 100% guaranteed to fail.

By stepping into the unknown, trusting intuition and turning clarity real with courageous action:

The possibilities are endless.

So, remember:

If there’s a part of your life that isn’t working and you’re consumed by the fear of failure, recognize:

You’re 100% guaranteed to fail by staying in the same place.

Once you recognize this, the unknown will not seem so bad, and rather —it will be a place where all the magic happens.

Otherwise, you may never know what is waiting for you and wake up at 77 drenched in regret.

How have you dealt with fear of failure?

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