There’s a dark side of personal development where it’s used as a mechanism to avoid facing reality —with as much effect as playing Call of Duty for eight hours a day.

Here’s the deal:

Many people treat their growth like a video game.
Many people treat their growth like entertainment.
Many people treat their growth like the Kardashians.

And there’s nothing ‘wrong’ with that per say, however:

It can be used as escapism.
It can be used as avoidance.
It can be used as distraction.

And ultimately —it can make us “feel” like we’re making progress with little to no integration in the real world.

And so we become the person who can regurgitate quotes from Napoleon Hill, Eckhart Tolle and top-rated podcasts:

But we have zero results.
But we have zero progress.
But we have zero momentum.

I’ve seen this countless times and had clients come to me after a decade of repeating the same cycle —saying things like:

“It’s not working.”

(Yeah, well — you’re treating it with as much vigor as a colonoscopy.)

“I’m not getting results.”

(Because you haven’t, taken one courageous action in months.)

“I’ve heard this stuff before.”

(And yet —you’ve never done anything to integrate it into your life.)

So, how do you fix this?

Simple —shift your mindset from “consumer” to:

Someone who integrates.
Someone who gets honest.
Someone who takes action.
Someone who is truly all in.
Someone who stops talking.
Someone who invests money.
Someone who seeks challenge.
Someone who hires a mentor.
Someone who does the inner work.
Someone who values daily practice.

And ultimately —someone who is committed on a level that scares most people.

Because that troll on social media spewing negativity around personal growth was once a consumer.

But they never did anything.

Avoid growth as escapism and instead honor it for what it really is.

And that’s when everything changes.