You hired someone to give you feedback and counsel, who believes and sees the best in you and now your self esteem is bruisedbecause they gave you a little #RealTalk?

Here’s the deal —don’t ask for help:

If you’re not willing to drop the ego.
If you’re not willing to hear the truth.
If you’re not willing to face feedback.

Because most of us when we’re stuck or comfortable —surround ourselves with enablers:

Enablers let us off the hook.
Enablers let us off the work.
Enablers let us off the truth.

(You can spot them from a mile away as they validate our excuses to play small and why it’s our bosses fault.)

And while enablers may make us feel good about ourselves in the short-term:

They don’t want us to win.
They don’t want us to expand.
They don’t want us to flourish.

Sure, they want us to be a little better here or there —but they start to get uncomfortable as we grow.

So let me be clear here:

If you hire a coach, mentor or someone to give you counsel —get over yourself:

Get over your ego.
Get over your triggers.
Get over your reactivity.
Get over your small self.
Get over your self esteem.


If you take coaching, feedback, and counsel personally:

You will never win.

I’m constantly amazed by people who step into the Arena of their lives to do something they’ve wanted and then take feedback personally.

And because they’re triggered —they flat out quit.


Those who see the best in you will respect you enough —to call you out when it matters.

Otherwise, you should keep hanging with Steve from accounting who quit on his dreams of writing a novel, seeing the world and fulfilling his adventurous spirit.

He’ll tell you to play it safe, to stop dreaming —and to crush Happy Hour for the third time this week.

And you’ll complain about the boss and have a moment of honesty after your third drink as the pain of untapped potential stays lodged in your throat.

Don’t let that happen.

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