Your future self already has the answers to your deepest questions, the courage to step into your toughest decisions —and the wisdom to help guide you through any challenge.

What does this mean?

Every single day —I pull up a seat —and hang out with my 45-year old self.

Through a five to ten minute visualization practice:

  • I observe how they act.
  • I observe how they speak.
  • I observe how they operate.

And by taking myself to a place where I spend time with my future self, I do a few crucial things that can be incredibly valuable for your growth:

Crafting a compelling future.

By visualizing your future self —you are painting a vivid picture of what your life can look and feel like.

Creating a decision-making filter.

Because you have a compass, you can now filter all decisions and choices by asking: is this alignment with the above?

Living from the future, not the past.

Most people live from the past and are surprised when the present is a replica of it —instead, use the future to live powerfully today.

Making today’s choices 100X easier.

That tough decision for my current self is a joke to my future self —he’s nonchalantly telling me to get going.

Trusting myself knowing I’m taken care of.

Relentless faith and trusting in divine timing are a direct result of self-trust, which are cultivated by listening to our future selves.

The reality is:

I’ve shared this tool with thousands of people —and most don’t use it every day and wonder they they can’t seem to stay consistent.

And I always ask:

  • Did you check social today?
  • Did you check the news today?
  • Did you check your email today?

And if the answer is yes for any of these —then I hope you can create the five minutes to check in with your future self.

Otherwise —he, she or they will be begging you to listen and you may not hear them.

By checking in with your future self:

  • You sharpen your intuition.
  • You sharpen your alignment.
  • You sharpen your self-belief.

And most importantly, you develop a deeper purpose inside of your day to day experience —knowing you’re crafting an intentional life.

Do you check in with your future self?

I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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