The dream for entrepreneurs is endless free time, wide open calendars and the ability to book a hot stone massage at 12PM because they run the show —that’s the dream, right?

Well, maybe —but here’s the reality:

Free time, by itself, does not exactly equal freedom.

Because for most people:

Free time equals distraction.

Free time equals comparison.

Free time equals multi-tasking.

And worst of all, free time equals thinking you’re doing something wrong and wondering if all of these pseudo-influencer-life-coaches are scammers running Ponzi schemes.

(You, uh, may be onto something.)

The reality is:

Without priorities in our life and business —we tend to succumb to the least common denominator:

We create random drama.

We create random distractions.

We create random worst case scenarios.

So, what’s a better way?

1. Identify your top priorities —be vivid and specific.

In any given quarter or season —have 1, 2 or three priorities that are getting most of your time, energy and resources. Aim to delete the rest.

2. Frontload structure into your day to create real freedom.

Habits, routines and structure create mental and emotional freedom by saving willpower —and harnessing the power of growth and momentum.

3. Harness the power of progress by moving the needle 1%.

The greatest motivator on the planet is progress —even small steps towards what matters is enough. By harnessing 1% every day, you tap into this and create freedom.

Whenever someone comes to me and says they’re stuck or losing the battle of distraction and comparison —I look at their calendar.

And usually —I see nothing.

(Especially for those who quit their 9-5 in a blaze of glory and are still riding the wave of no bosses, annoying meetings or TSA reports.)

By the way —if you do this right —you only need a couple hours of focused, intentional time a day to create real freedom.

Have you believed that free time equals freedom?

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