Fire your guru.
Fire your coach.
Fire your pastor.
Fire your healer.
Fire your mentor.
Fire your shaman.
Fire your psychic.
Fire your counsel.
Fire your therapist.

Here’s the deal:

While external guidance is crucial to long term growth, fulfillment and successit’s easy to become dependent.

Dependent on answers.
Dependent on next steps.
Dependent on prescriptions.

We’ve all seen this —it’s the person who can’t sign a simple contract and has to wait until their guru returns from India.

And he’s gone for three months.

So, what’s a better way?

Seek advice, counsel and wisdom from others —while doing the inner work to create agency:

The inner work of listening.
The inner work of observing.
The inner work of white space.
The inner work of asking questions.
The inner work of choosing yourself.
The inner work of tuning your signal.
The inner work of rituals and routines.

And when you match this inner work with the outer work of dropping the ego and being open, ready and willing to receive:

The magic happens.

We are no longer dependent on someone with a “need” to be told the answer, to be shown the path —or to be “saved.”

Instead, we merge inner and outer and co-create from a powerful place.

Personally, I consider coaching, advice and counsel to be a sacred practice —a relationship of the highest order.

But never at the expense of personal agency.

What about you?

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