Do something every single day that challenges you, that wakes you up, that taps into your sense of adventure, that others consider dangerous or “risky” —that makes you feel fiercely alive.

Here’s the reality:

We can all fall into the trap of adapting to a comfortable life —where the days of feeling alive are all but gone:

We give into routines.
We give into the comfort.
We give into what’s familiar.

And by doing so —we miss out on what creates a thriving life —one where we look at every day with wonder, curiosity and awe.

Contrary to popular belief —this is not some naive view of the world painted by the rose-colored glasses of youth.


It is tapping into our real selves.
It is tapping into our deeper spirit.
It is tapping into our inner desires.

(I know people in their mid 20’s who slog through their days —and those in their 60’s who are running on energy that moves mountains.)

We all have this part of ourselves —one that craves adventure, novelty and being on the edge of the familiar to explore a new frontier.

And in a world of digital devices, endless pings and scrolling —it scares me to think we’re losing this.


Because tapping into this energy of feeling fiercely alive is the cure for mental health issues —and gives our lives meaning.

As Harvard psychologist Susan David wrote:

Discomfort is the price to pay for a meaningful life.

So, how do you bring this to life?

Do one thing that makes you feel alive.

Every day, do one thing that makes you fiercely alive —it’s not about quantity, it’s about tapping into this daily.

Identify your comfort zone then go beyond.

We all have those moments where the ego tells us to stop —be aware of your edge and keep going further.

Shatter your routines —even when they work.

Routines, habits and rituals are amazing —until they’re not. Find a way to break your patterns once in a while.

Engage in ego-dissolving activities.

Meditation, breathwork, time in solitude, retreats, adventure, yoga…all of these dissolve the clutch of the ego and invite a new perspective.

Drop the facade and engage in the world.

We lose our wonder when our minds go into auto-pilot mode —drop the facade and instead plunge yourself into the world with fresh eyes.

All of these may sound like grand gestures —but they’re not:

Take a new route home from work.
Sign up for a class you’ve never done.
Strike up a conversation with a stranger.
Take a “you” day with no plan or schedule.
Push yourself physically during your workout.
Reverse all of your habits and rituals for one day.
Launch the side hustle and put yourself out there.

In other words:

Change something, anything —and watch what happens to your life force energy.

When I talk to Men and Women who tell me they’re “stuck” and lacking a pulse on their lives —I always ask a simple question:

When was the last time you felt fiercely alive?

And if they can’t identify a moment in the last 48 hours —something is missing.


We don’t have much time left —soon enough —all of this will be over.

This is why I read Seneca’s On The Shortness Of Life, why I visit cemeteries once a month —and why I meditate on my mortality.

And by doing so, I give myself permission —to drop the ego’s obsession with the familiar and do something that makes me feel alive.

Let me ask you reading this:

When was the last time you felt fiercely alive?

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