Most of us have no idea how capable we are, because capacity is an emergent property, it only arises when we are tested —to reveal a part of ourselves we hardly knew existed.

Here’s the deal:

Capacity must be tested.
Capacity must be amplified.
Capacity must be compelled.

And ultimately —we must expand capacity to work for us:

Otherwise it works against us.
Otherwise it leads to “average.”
Otherwise it leads to mediocrity.

Let me explain:

As humans, we are the ultimate adaptation machines —it is why we are still here as the dominant species.

And yet, this incredible tool comes with a downside.

(Don’t they all?)

The downside is one we’ve all felt:

We can adapt to an egomaniac boss.
We can adapt to a painful life reality.
We can adapt to what we don’t want.

And what makes us incredible, our ability to expand capacity physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, spiritually —can work against us.

So, what’s a better way?

Expand capacity every day.

There are no ‘zero’ days here —every day that ends in a ‘y’ is a chance to expand capacity and tap into the potential that has laid dormant.

Find your challenge-skills balance.

Crafting an epic scene for a novel when you can’t write a lick is going to overwhelm you. Running a 15K when you’ve been on the couch for a decade will destroy your knees. Challenge yourself…but be careful going overboard.

Dose periodic events of intensity.

While daily progress is what makes success, we also need dose intensity at times —a test, an event, a marketing launch on the calendar. These expand capacity, say, at 2X, rather than 2% or 20%.

Recover like your life depends on it.

During my five-year stint at Gym Jones, the facility responsible for the movie 300, they’d say don’t do the work if you don’t have the balls to recover. Meaning: we grow and adapt when we rest.

The fact is:

What stands between you and the life you desire, the income you crave —and the level of mastery in your field is not about talent, luck or skill.

It’s about capacity.
It’s about recovering.
It’s about adaptation.

Expand capacity —or allow it to wither away until you wake up in a life where you’d rather research a vacation than work on your own life.

I don’t know about you, but that’s not a great life.

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