There is no doubt hiring a coach, mentor or consultant to work through obstacles and expand your performance in life and business —can radically change your life.

(I feel indebted to the people who I’ve worked with over my decade-long quest and I would not be here without them.)

But it doesn’t always work.

I actually believe only about ten percent of people are ready to hire a coach —and many people waste opportunities because they’re dabbling.

Let’s explore the reasons why you shouldn’t hire a coach.

You think you have all the answers.

Ego will be your number one obstacle to achieving transformation —asking for help naturally means you don’t have the answers. Be willing to drop the ego countless times.

You don’t believe in yourself.

Once you trust the person you want to work with —the biggest factor on whether you’ll execute is your personal level of belief in yourself.

You think hiring them means offloading the work.

A mediocre coach tries to do the work for you —because their ego is wrapped into your results, while a powerful coach has you take 100% ownership.

You feel entitled to results.

Just because you invested in yourself and took bold action —doesn’t entitle you to results. It’s a powerful demonstration of belief, but now you have to execute.

You’re not ready to get honest.

The first step of transformation involves a level of radical honesty most of us tend to run away from. Without honesty —with ourselves —and the person we’re working with, nothing lasts.

You’re not ready to get uncomfortable.

Coaching is not supposed to be easy. Prepare to be challenged and have your beliefs questioned, your ego rattled and moments of uncertainty.

You’re not truly ready.

Readiness is an energy that screams a whatever-it-takes attitude to making change now. Unfortunately, it often comes with arriving at a place of rock bottom

You’re not willing to do the little things.

I test my clients with simple actions to see if they’re ready. Everyone wants to practice for the Super Bowl fourth quarter drive, but what about August training camp?

You want it to feel good.

Coaching shouldn’t always feel good. Everyone loves accountability until they’re called out and have no excuses to dish out.

You’re growth isn’t a priority.

We place our energy, time, and resources on our largest priorities. If you’d rather spend the money on a leather jacket or Tulum getaway, it’s not that important to you.

You want the high of possibility, but not the hard work.

The high from the Tony Robbins course will fade faster than it came during the dance-offs —and you’ll be left with the hard work in front of you. This is where the magic happens.

You’re impatient with the process.

There are two processes at play —there is your unique process and the coaching process. We all want results yesterday, and without exercising patience, you’ll give up way too soon.

You have deep emotional trauma.

Often, people blur the line between coaching and therapy —and coaching is not designed to heal past trauma, but rather, move on from it and not let it define your future.

(By the way —I am all for a qualified therapist to help you flush out the past and get you back in emotional flow.)

So, there you have it —some key essentials I’ve learned along the way from being in countless programs and running my own.

The only way I’ve been able to accelerate my growth is through coaching, mentorship and programs designed to push me to my limit.

The best coaches make you self sufficient and act as trusted sherpas along the climbs of your life —and help you access a level of personal power that was previously dormant.

What has been your experience with coaches and mentors?

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