Find your passion is terrible advice.


Well for starters —it makes people who are unsure of their passion question themselves and overthink the process.

Because here’s the truth:

Passion is not found.
Passion is not obtained.
Passion is not searched for.
Passion is not a singular event.
Passion is not contemplated on.


Passion is developed through being curious, staying open, trying tons of new things —and seeing what sticks.

And what the 18-minute TEDx talk won’t tell you is:

Developing your passion takes grit.
Developing your passion takes time.
Developing your passion takes failing.
Developing your passion takes intensity.
Developing your passion takes consistency.

Furthermore, the spiritual community tells people to meditate on the hilltop —and that’ll do the trick.

But it doesn’t work.


Passion is an active process.
Passion is an active discovery.
Passion is an active exploration.

In other words, we have to leave the comfy blankets and cushions of our couch and:

Sign up for Improv, take a filmmaking course, acquire skills, start a business for the wrong reasons, go deep enough to know what you don’t like, seek guidance from mentors, put yourself out there, take action before you’re “ready”, be willing to suck and be made fun of, question your path, feel like a fraud, wonder why it’s so hard to sell online, think about giving up and going back to the 9-5…

And then and only then —will passion be developed.

People call me ‘passionate’ all the time —but they don’t recognize it took a half decade to even land on what really moved the needle.

(If I’d followed my passion at 19, I’d be a roadie for a punk rock group and be living in the woods ala Thoreau and Chris McCandless.)

So let me liberate you right here, right now:

Don’t find your passion —develop it like your life depends on it.

Because it does.

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