You must have a vivid picture of your future, one you can touch, taste and feel with unrelenting intensity —but you also must detach with the same or higher level of intensity from it all.

Sounds like a complete contradiction, right?

(Paradoxes are the ultimate truth as they transcend conventional thought.)

It’s not —and I believe our ability to live at these two energetic extremes is the sweet spot of undeniable performance and heart-thumping fulfillment.

In other words:

We must have a horizon that activates our human spirit, provides deep hope —and compels us to take courageous action today.

At the same time:

We must be able to completely let go of this horizon, to detach ourselves from any outcome —and allow the mystery to take over.

Why does this matter?

Because too much intensity towards our goals creates an energy of lack, ‘need’ and desperation.

And too much letting go makes us complacent and denies us of our innate ability to expand our capacity.

Between these two:

There is alignment.
There is congruence.
There is a sweet spot.

Personally, I’ve rehearsed my future so many times that it feels like I am already living and breathing it.

(And I am —this is how we break the pattern of conditional living.)

But I also practice letting go in a way where I get to a place and ask myself —what vision?

Here’s how you can do the same:

Tap into your North Star daily.

This is a non-negotiable practice —at least five minutes a day —of allowing yourself to create a sensory experience of your compelling future.

Push yourself on vividness and specifics.

I always challenge my clients to go five layers deeper: paint a picture that brings you to your knees in gratitude and presence.

Ensure you’re making all decisions from that place.

Equipped with this compass, you now make all decisions today filtered through this lens —from what food to eat or what actions to take.

Have a toolkit of “being” practices to let go.

Develop a consciousness toolkit to let go: meditation, nature, solitude, float tanks, self-care, journaling, breathwork, unplugging, etc.

Disconnect, unplug and embrace white space.

Allow yourself to completely let go. Forget about your vision and the identities you embody. Be so present that the mind forgets there is a tomorrow.

In other words, detach with intensity on the regular.

One of the downsides of being too involved in our future is we miss here for the illusion of there.

And while it is important to have that horizon —we’ll never be as free as we are in the present moment.

(Our highest level of emotional freedom, performance and fulfillment will always happen in the now.)

Your ability to live at these extremes is a skill, and done right, will lead to a level of clarity, trust, and faith few have.

You’ll be committed, but open.
You’ll be disciplined, but alive.
You’ll be audacious, but humble.

Take a step back and ask yourself:

Which of these extremes do you need more of today?

  • Some of us need to double down on the vividness of our future and allow ourselves to dream big again.
  • Some of us need to take a step back, unplug from the matrix and allow ourselves space and detachment.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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