Our desires, when they come from a place of values, alignment and depth —can be the potent creative source.

Desire sparks energy.
Desire sparks intuition.
Desire sparks intensity.
Desire sparks aliveness.
Desire sparks momentum.

And so to turn our back on our desires, in essence —is to turn our back on ourselves.

Enter the Desire Framework —to help you get clear about what you want, take unapologetic ownership and then bring it to life.

Own your desire.

If you want to make $250,000 a year, if you want to be featured in a film, if you want the 3 bedroom home or to retire your parents —own your desire.

Declare your desire.

With your vivid desire in hand, declare it —first to yourself. Own it with every fiber of your being, and visualize your future self living the desire.

Counsel future self.

Step into a room with your future self who has accomplished your desire —how do they talk, act, think? Ask them questions. Be present. Listen.

Ask the core question.

The core question based on your desire is —who would I have to become and what value would I create to bring the desire to life?

Take daily action in pursuit.

After making a list from the above, start taking daily, relentless, focused action toward the pursuit of your desire.


The most potent part of growth is the one you will never see —invisible markers of fulfillment, comeback rate and emotional resilience.

And yet, sometimes the funnest part of growth is matching our inner work with our outer reality:

  • Being able to say yes to what we want.
  • Being able to say yes to a fun experience.
  • Being able to say yes to a dream inside of us.

There is nothing wrong with having a desire that isn’t about “living on purpose” or “making an impact.”

In fact, sometimes those can be personal growth distractions due to a lack of belief, ownership or allowing ourselves to be real.

While I value a simple life, being able to say ‘yes’ to a random vacation, a home that we love —or solving a problem because we have resources is valuable.

I’ve used the framework above to move to a new city, meet my soulmate, get engaged on the coast of Spain and walk into a dealership and buy a dream car on a random Wednesday.

None of those define me —yet they were part of allowing my desire.

Use the desire framework and watch the magic happen.