The first step towards a thriving life is to define success for ourselves, otherwise we will chase down somebody else’s definition —and wind up in a life we can’t wait to escape from.

The first question I ask my guests on the Resist Average podcast has always been:

How do you define success in life and business?

And unfortunately —for many people —and especially those who are not fulfilled with their lives:

They never defined success.
They never specified success.
They never articulated success.

When this happens —there are generally three paths:

Aimlessly drifting.

As it sounds —without defining success, we can drift aimlessly through life and never feel like we have a grip on our process since our destination is unclear.

Striving with no compass.

The default definition of success is soaked in external achievement —which means we can strive without a true North and be pummeled by a feeling of never enough.

Arrival moments of lack.

The arrival moment of lack is all too common: one creates what the outside world deems success —but it feels empty, hollow and confusing.

So, let me ask you a few questions:

If you strive out of self-hatred —is that success?
If you live in lack on your way up —is that success?
If you hate the ride on your way up —is that success?

(These may be intense —but they are common to the blind pursuit of success.)

As you define success, ensure you’re able to paint yourself a specific picture laced with what it both looks and feels like from the inside out.

And when you do this right —this becomes your true North star that you can rely on when life gets hazy.

Because with this definition of success in hand:

You have a compass to rely on.

Your definition of success becomes your compass to guide you through the peaks, valleys, plateaus and moments of questioning.

You have a decision-making filter.

Every decision —from the water and food you consume to who you hang out with and where you live can now be filtered through this lens.

You have a way of celebrating yourself.

When you take your power back and define success —you can now celebrate yourself as you tap into it every day.

So, what is my definition of success?

It is on the front page of this blog —to craft a life raptured by meaning with rousing fulfillment and unparalleled achievement.

To expand on this definition:

Success is loving the process.
Success is waking up excited.
Success is being fulfilled now.
Success is living in alignment.
Success is doing the inner work.
Success is lifting others up daily.
Success is feeling alive every day.
Success is leaving your comfort zone.
Success is loving spending time alone.
Success is merging business and play.
Success is telling people how you feel.
Success is getting to know who you are.
Success is letting your intuition guide you.
Success is experiencing our emotions fully.
Success is leaving it all out on the field of play.

And when you’ve defined success for yourself and are tapping into it daily —you cannot, and will not lose.

Define success for your life, or other’s will define it for you.

So let me ask you:

How do you define success?

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