“Tommy, I want to start an organic coffee company, do personal training, maybe even launch a podcast —and teach others how to get better at sales.”

Please tell me you’re kidding.

(#Facepalm, I need a nap from the insanity.)

The truth is:

We have never lived in a time where people have endless ideas on how to build a thriving business and being able to march into their bosses office and finally quit their 9-5 in a blaze of independence glory.

(Wait, that was just me? OK, well, that happened.)

I am constantly having conversations with people who are in between 7 ideas but:

  • There are no results.
  • There is no momentum.
  • There is no cash in the bank.
  • There is no consistency or clarity.

And so if you’re out there spinning multiple plates —wondering why you can’t seem to gain traction:

Pick something, anything, one thing.

“But Tommy, which one do I pick?”

And what I really want to say is it doesn’t matter —because choosing something is better than living in indecision:

  • Indecision will rob you of your growth.
  • Indecision will rob you of your momentum.
  • Indecision will rob you of your mental sanity.
  • Indecision will rob you of your emotional energy.
  • Indecision will rob you of your ability to get paid.

The truth is:

There is always a point in any business —where the high has worn off and shiny object syndrome comes at you full force.

(At some point, everyone else’s business, idea and platform will seem better and easier than yours.)

Because if you’re spinning multiple plates at once, at best:

  • You’re giving 40% of your focus.
  • You’re giving 40% of your energy.
  • You’re giving 40% of your attention.
  • You’re giving 40% of your consistency.

I’m really bad at math —but 40% won’t move the needle.

And I often see that people choose 5 business ideas —because it gives them a convenient way to run and hide when it gets hard.

Because anything will get hard at some point.


Choices are not freedom —they are the illusion of freedom.

Real freedom comes through making a decision.

Where do you need to decide on a business?

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