“I’m stuck.”

Yeah, because you’ve got zero priorities, feel entitled to results —and spend your time on conspiratorial distraction from ItsTheEnd444.

Here’s the reality:

This is the worst time in history to have no aim.
This is the worst time in history to have no focus.
This is the worst time in history to have no goals.


Because a prioritized life is as much about what it creates: meaning, purpose and momentum —as what it gets rid of:

It gets rid of noise.
It gets rid of distraction.
It gets rid of uncertainty.

And it has never been more important to take command of our mental real estate, and time —and curate the hell out of everything we consume.

Ask yourself:

Would you rather keep up to date on breaking news or acquire a valuable skill for your career?

(Skills open up curiosity, engagement and get you paid more.)

Would you rather engage the trolls, critics and naysayers or work on your North Star vision?

(Your North Star is what gives you hope and aim every day.)

Would you rather be available 24/7 to everyone’s requests or do the inner work that creates clarity?

(The inner work is inescapable and creates deep fulfillment.)

So, what’s a better way?

Curate your content.
Curate your social feeds.
Curate your relationships.
Curate your models and mentors.
Curate your environments and people.
Curate your time, calendar, and decisions.
Curate your thoughts, language and beliefs.
Curate your ‘news’ and information sources.
Curate your habits, rituals and daily routines.

And ultimately curate every opportunity, decision and choice under one question:

Is this in alignment with my North Star vision?

If it’s not, torch it.

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