A lack of clarity is the most convenient, socially acceptable excuse to continue to play smalland let ourselves off the hook.

Let me explain:

No clarity means no action.
No clarity means no rejection.
No clarity means no self-doubt.

Sounds pretty convenient now, huh?

Every day I hear from people who say:

“If I had clarity, I’d be on fire.
“If I had clarity, I’d be financially set.
“If I had clarity, I’d be living on purpose.

(Trust me, I’ve said these things too and they led to one place —blaming others and never looking in the mirror.)

Yeah, uh, no you wouldn’t —and here’s why:

Clarity is not something you wait for.
Clarity is not something you analyze.
Clarity is not something you “think” about.

And no, it’s not even something you head to the Himalayan ashram to meditate on for three years as you try and “figure yourself out”.

(Good luck with that one.)


Clarity is an active process and created every day.

So, instead of “waiting” around for answers:

Create clarity through action.
Create clarity through courage.
Create clarity through decisions.
Create clarity through movement.
Create clarity through messy starts.
Create clarity through the daily work.
Create clarity through launching now.
Create clarity through deliberate focus.

There’s no amount of analyzing, pondering, contemplating or going on a Sedona vision quest that will hold a candle to moving towards what you want…

Before you have all the answers.

Let me ask you:

Have you ever used clarity as a reason to play small?

I have 😉

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