You’re consuming inspiring content that is breathing life into you, opening up a vision that is thrilling and motivating you to make change —but what is your ratio?

What ratio, Tommy!?

Your ratio between consumption and creation:

In the form of action.
In the form of decisions.
In the form of integration.


You’re going to have countless ideas, plans and blueprints —and never bring them to life.

As Charlie Gilkey said recently on the Academy podcast —this is creative constipation:

When you take in all these ideas, inspirations and goals and don’t move forward —you will get toxic. You won’t want to take any more ideas or inspiration. Creative constipation leads to long-term misery, cynicism and destruction.

We’ve all been there: knowing we wanted to bring something to life but stuck in paralysis and indecision.

And as time passes:

You lose your enthusiasm.
You lose your deep belief.
You lose your urgency to start.

The end result here is not the fact your goals don’t come to life —but you start to resent yourself:

You start to resent your dreams.
You start to resent all the content.
You start to resent all of your ideas.

And worst of all —you start to resent the people who are holding you to your highest self and your follow through.

(I call these personal development cynics who once had a dream but let it fade and never balanced their consume versus create ratio.)

So, what’s a better way?

Shift Your Ratio

If you’re consuming 90% right now —and creating 10% —start to move the needle on creation.

Keep it simple, but start today: ship a blog post, do a live video, teach someone else.

Find small ways to shift your ratio and tap into the energy of creation.

Be Selective With Content

Sure, we all need some motivation from time to time —but the more curated the content you’re consuming, the better.

Personally, I split content into two buckets —general and skill-specific.

Depending on the season’s priority —half of my content will be hyper-targeted and focused.

Value Integration Over Breakthrough

When we’re aimlessly consuming, we tend to value the dopamine hit from the insight we had over the integration.

We then seek to find more of the same hit and listen to three more podcasts instead of stopping and executing.

Instead, obsess more over integration than your breakthrough. Do this long enough and you’ll be more motivated by your creation than consuming.

Honor The 12 Hour Rule

If something resonates with you —drill it into your mind and execute on it within 12 hours and make it real or else you may lose it.

We never know what these small bursts of insight could have become had we honored them.

Repeat What Sticks

Read the same book 5 times. Listen to the same podcast 10 times. If something sticks, drill it into your psyche.

When I listen to something that really connects —I will play it back over and over and over until I have it memorized.

By shifting your consume versus create ratio, you’ll make progress like never before and plant seeds towards your future self.


I’ve met people who once were inspired by material, never executed —and now have become cynics to their own dreams.

And that’s a tragedy.

What’s your ratio?

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