You know I don’t believe in ‘hacks’.

Hack culture does more harm than good distracting you and I from what creates lasting results —creating an instant gratification bias to shortcut the work.

However, there’s one ‘hack’ I use on the regular —and it’s transformative.

This hack:

Creates massive clarity.
Creates massive growth.
Creates massive progress.

And best of all —it lets go of a ton of things that act as barriers to success, including:

It lets go of distractions.
It lets go of comparison.
It lets go of overthinking.

So, what is this ‘hack’ I speak so highly of?

(Get to the damn point, Tommy! I’ve got stuff to do.)

Here it is:

Take the goal you’re working towards —the profit number, the career promotion, the record deal, dream home or 8% bodyfat number and:

Compress your deadlines by at least 50%.

No, really —read that again.

When you compress your deadlines, you immediately harness urgency which may sound a little stressful…

But it’s actually an antidote to stress.

Because most people operate with a sense of urgency as thrilling as a routine Saturday morning colonoscopy…

And wonder why they’re stuck and barely making progress.

Want to triple your income this year?

Compress your deadlines by 50%.

Want to run a 13K adventure race?

Compress your deadlines by 50%.

Want to quit the 9-5 and launch?

Compress your deadlines by 50%.

Want to write a book proposal?

Compress your deadlines by 50%.

Want to move to a dream city?

You guessed it…compress your deadlines by 50%.

During the last few years, my clients and I have used this to:

  • Create 6 & 7 figure businesses
  • Move cross country to dream cities
  • Direct films, produce albums and art
  • Grow brands, products and services
  • Hire incredible staff to create freedom
  • Get in the best shape of their entire life

And most importantly —collapse the time to bring goals to life to create a level of confidence and momentum unlike any other.

However, the opposite is also true:

With no deadlines, we get distracted and then wind up spending 7 hours on Clubhouse and TikTok as we compare ourselves to everyone around us.

So, let me ask you:

What’s one deadline you can compress by 50%?

Taylor and I are doing this with our destination wedding —and booked it with three months to go instead of conventional advice saying 12 months.

And it’s working wonders 😉

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