The old model of goal setting creates a barrier between who you are and who you want to become which means you’re chasingbut not being that version of yourself.

Let me explain:

One of the main issues in setting a vision is that we create distance:

Distance between here and there.
Distance between today and tomorrow.
Distance between present and future.

And because of this:

We tend to operate from lack.
We tend to operate from scarcity.
We tend to operate from not enough.

Yeah, no thanks.

So, how do you collapse your vision?

You filter every decision, choice, and action from one question:

What would the version of myself who is living their North Star do?

And then you decide.
And then you choose.
And then you execute.

When you do this —do it with everything:

  • With the food you eat.
  • With the rituals you have.
  • With the mentors you enroll.
  • With the language you use daily.
  • With the environments you enter.
  • With the people you connect with.
  • With the books and content you read.
  • With the communities you engage with.
  • With the habits, routines and systems you use.

By doing so —you step into alignment with the future version of yourself.

Now, let me be clear here:

It won’t always be easy.


I invested $25,000 in myself when I had $900 in the bank account —because of my future self.

I shut down a business that was working with a staff of twelve people —because of my future self.

I moved cross country to a place I didn’t know one person with zero plan —because of my future self.

Now, here’s the distinction:

  • To my current self —all of these decisions were debilitating.
  • To my future self —all of these decisions were totally normal.

In fact, I even play a game where I imagine my future self making fun of me, saying:

“Tommy, come on man —we’ve got bigger work to do.”

This is how you collapse your vision like never before.

Become the future version of yourself today.

It all starts with a choice.

Will you choose?

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