“The coaching program isn’t working for me.”

Yeah, because you’re barely showing up, feel entitled to results —and are as engaged as watching the fourth season of the Kardashians.

(This is some much needed #RealTalk so make sure you’ve had your morning coffee.)

Let me be clear here:

  • Hiring a coach doesn’t entitle you to results.
  • Joining a program doesn’t entitle you to results.
  • Swiping a debit card doesn’t entitle you to results.

And while sure that first step should be applauded it’s only step one —because what comes next is the work:

The work of dropping the ego.
The work of showing up daily.
The work of following through.
The work of owning your word.
The work of staying accountable.
The work of engaging the process.
The work of being 100% coachable.

And ultimately —the messy work of being pushed to your edge and staying the course.

The reality is:

A great coach pushes you hard.
A great coach demands the best.
A great coach sees your greatness.

And not from an egoic, better-than-you-place —but from a place of empathy and respect.

Personally, I’ve coached people as young as 14 and as old as 67 —in all walks of life.

And what I’ve found is:

Most people are interested in coaching —but not not committed:

They are not fully ready.

Readiness is a compelling energy that says now is the time.

They are not fully open.

Openness is an inviting energy that is willing to drop the ego.

They are not fully willing.

Willingness is the desire to show up long after the high fades.

Personally, when I hire a coach —I tell myself a story that I’ve used going on for ten years:

I’m the most coachable motherfucker in this room.

And whether or not that is true doesn’t matter:

I listen with fervor.
I listen with intensity.
I listen with all out focus.

And I drop the ego time and time again, pummel her into submission —and wake up and do it again tomorrow.

With this energy, I’ll ever have to wonder if coaching isn’t working.


Because almost anything works —if you and I are willing to work it.

Most people need a coach desperately, to have someone in their life who believes in them, who wants to see them succeed —and isn’t entangled by proximity.

Most people aren’t ready to let go of who they think they are, to examine their narratives, emotional wounds, crippling self-doubt and egoic self —to extract the nectar of coaching.

Coaching will change your life —if you’re willing.

Are you willing?

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