Take your wild ambitions, your biggest of goals, what feels impossible to your current self and ask —what is the feeling I am chasing?

Here’s the reality:

Every goal is emotional.
Every vision is emotional.
Every dream is emotional.


We think we’re chasing outcomes —we’re really chasing the feeling of such outcomes.

For example:

If you’re ready to leave your 9-5 and replace your full time income as an entrepreneur:

  • You’re chasing freedom.
  • You’re chasing autonomy.
  • You’re chasing independence.

If you’re ready to lose the 25 pounds holding you back and finish your first 20K trail run:

  • You’re chasing confidence.
  • You’re chasing self-worth.
  • You’re chasing resilience.

If you’re ready to attract and create the relationship you;ve dreamed of up until now:

  • You’re chasing intimacy.
  • You’re chasing connection.
  • You’re chasing appreciation.

The list goes on as you chase feelings —but here’s why this matters:

If you’re unwilling to tap into the feeling you’re chasing as you pursue your dreams today:

You won’t be in alignment.

Alignment is consistency between thoughts, words and actions —and not feeling the emotions of success means you’re out of it.

You won’t love the process.

If the process is a means to some end in the future —you’ll white knuckle the ride and resent the process along the way.

You’ll be operating from lack.

If you can’t feel successful today, then you’ll operate in lack and send out a signal of desperation.

Make no mistake:

The person in alignment who loves the process and operates as if it’s only a matter of time —creates results faster and with way more fun.

Best of all:

They drop the “need it now” desperation most operate with and stay open for previously unavailable paths and to get there.

Here’s what to do:

Make a list of your North Star vision —and the emotional states it represents for you.

And then make sure you’re tapping into this state every single day:

Before your wins.
Before your success.
Before your outcomes.

This is where the magic happens.

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