You’ve spent the last three months scouring the internet for conspiracies, posting political rants, arguing with trolls —and you’re wondering why you feel “stuck”?

(Okay, maybe not you —but we all know these people.)

When I have conversations with those who are ‘stuck’ and ‘trying to figure things out and ‘waiting until this blows over’ —I notice the same pattern:

They are unclear about their priorities which means they’re in constant distraction:

They watch hours upon hours of news.
They sunk into the abyss of conspiracies.
They scour the internet for political garbage.

(And hey, if this is lighting you up —more power to you.)

But what is the endgame?

You’re left in a crappy, disempowered, skeptic state where you actually do nothing to, you know, solve a problem or feel better.

Here’s the deal:

We can’t leave our lives to chance.
We can’t leave our dreams to ‘randomness.’
We can’t leave our clarity to ‘someday’ in the future.

And yet, when I ask people:

What is your vision for the next six months?
What are your ‘Big 3’ priorities during this season?
What is the one thing you’re letting go of right now?

Their faces turn blank, they spew off generalities Hallmark would be proud of but they have no real answers.

So, what’s a better way?

Craft a vision for the rest of 2020.

This will act as a compass to ensure you know where you’re headed —and provide some much needed clarity inside of chaos.

Determine your ‘Big 3’ for the year.

Using the above, these become your priorities. Make them specific, vivid and actionable.

Marie-Kondo what’s not necessary based on the above.

Is that text message thread with relatives sending you political vitriol really serving your priorities? Delete physical, mental and emotional clutter.

Here’s the reality:

Unless the person running this country punches in the wrong key codes —we’re all going to wake up in January.

And we can either wake up in more stress, chaos and overwhelm or we can look back and say:

“Damn, 2020 was wild —but I’m proud of myself for showing up.”

Which will you choose?

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