When you make bold moves, put yourself out there before you’re ready and take messy, courageous, knee-buckling action —it will always work.

Even when it doesn’t work.
Even when it doesn’t happen.
Even when it doesn’t manifest.


Because by making a bold move:

You’re sending the world a signal.
You’re sending our future self a signal.
You’re sending the marketplace a signal.

And by sending these signals, you deepen your belief —and become the kind of person who makes bold moves:

Before they’re ready.
Before they’ve got it figured out.
Before the next degree or certification.

When I work with my clients —I expect them to make a bold move every single week that seems ‘unrealistic’ or ‘impossible.’

Let me give you a personal example.

This Summer, I was listening to a podcast by Tom Bilyeu of Impact Theory —and I identified he was stressed about a problem.

I paused the podcast and listened to it over and over and asked myself:

Why can’t you solve this problem?

And instead of overthinking, overanalyzing or talking myself out of it —I spent the next four hours composing a detailed pitch.

It took time.
It took effort.
It took energy.

And this pitch was not emailed —I sent it next day FedEx certified to both his addresses with a signature required.

It was a bold move.

And guess what?

Even though this was brilliantly written and detailed a step by step plan to solve his problem in a real way —he never answered.

And it also doesn’t matter.

Because that day I sent the world a signal that I believed I could solve a billionaire’s problem —and took action aligned with that belief.

It was my first time pitching a billionaire.

(I still have the document in my desk drawer, because I’m proud of it.)

That energy alone catapulted me during quarantine season to take more bold action, write the best book proposal of my life, secure a book deal —and make endless progress.


Bold action creates belief.
Bold action creates power.
Bold action creates growth.

Whether it ‘works’ or not is irrelevant and there is zero doubt one day I’ll tell Tom Bilyeu to his face how he missed out.

(I’ve already rehearsed that scene…and it’s funny.)

So, let me ask you reading this:

What bold move are you taking?