If you invested in Bitcoin, Gamestop or Tesla —you’d have 2000% returns and be sipping Mai Tai’s on a sun soaked beach in Tulum counting “tendies” with other millionaires.

But guess what —you could have lost it all too.

And while investing is cool and all —we’re conditioned to bet on everyone except ourselves:

We bet on sports stars.
We bet on Hollywood celebrities.
We bet on entrepreneurial moguls.

We watch their content, we vicariously live through them and experience a rush.

But then we’re empty.


What if you stacked the chips and bet on yourself?

Bet on your future.
Bet on your skillset.
Bet on your dreams.
Bet on your discipline.
Bet on your self-trust.
Bet on your intensity.
Bet on your creativity.
Bet on your ambitions.
Bet on your showing up.
Bet on your commitment.

When you do, you’ll take everyone off the pedestal —and be in the goddamn arena.

Or else:

You can sit on the sidelines.
You can keep making excuses.
You can wait for the right time.

Or, you can make the best investment that will pay off time and time again for the rest of your life.

Which will you choose?

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