You spent four hours on Clubhouse but don’t have “time” to plan your week.

You spent seven hours consuming sports talk radio but don’t have “space” for your vision.

You spent three hours arguing mask politics with strangers yet don’t have “energy” for your business.

Here’s the truth:

Aiming at nothing equals distraction.
Aiming at nothing equals comparison.
Aiming at nothing equals randomness.

When I talk to people who are “stuck” or not making progress—I always ask:

What does winning the week look like?

There’s zero clarity.
There’s zero specifics.
There’s zero commitment.
There’s zero focused work.
There’s zero B-O-U-N-D-A-R-I-E-S.

I’ve been there too:

I’d spend nine hour a week on fantasy football while setting the record for Bank of America overdrafts…7 according to Karl.

So, what’s a better way to create the best week of your year?

Define winning the week.

Not with vague generalities like “make more money” —but with vivid, clear and specific details in terms of what you want to accomplish and feel.

For example —how much money, down to the last cent?

Identify three priorities.

As I wrote in The 1% Rule —most people go into the week without priorities. Which means when it’s time to do work or scour Reddit…they’re going to lose.

Ask yourself: if you made huge progress in three places —what would those be?

Block time out for focused work.

In all of my coaching and mastermind groups —we’re doing a Pomodoro challenge where we accumulate as many 25 minute focused blocks of time in a week.

The results are staggering.

Productivity is not about doing more, so you can do more —it’s about doing less so you have more time left over.

Set ruthless boundaries.

Phone calls. Useless meetings. Checking email. Scrolling. There are innocent activities, right?

Not quite. According to Cal Newport who’s been on the show —every time we “switch” tasks it takes our brains 23 minutes to get back to focus.

Let me ask you —what’s one boundary you can set this week?

Plan fitness, relationships and spiritual work.

If it’s not on the calendar —then it’s not happening. These practices become the pillar to both high-performance and deep fulfillment.

Recently, Marc Randolph, co-founder of Netflix, spoke that every Wednesday at 5PM he’d have a non-negotiable date night.

Ask yourself:

  • Where and when are you training your body?
  • Where and when are you connecting intimately?
  • Where and when are you doing introspective work?

Include “white space” and downtime.

Most people wait until they’re on the verge of exhaustion with their adrenals wrecked —before implementing these blocks of time.

With my entrepreneurial clients and execs, some of whom manage 100+ people….we do this first.

Why? Because if we don’t schedule this —others will fill your calendar with their priorities and leave you the scraps.

Identify what skills you’re going to practice.

Skills create value and value gets you paid, promoted or noticed. It’s that simple.

When I ask people who are “stuck” what skill they’re working on —I get blank stares and rambled sentences.

Remember: a year of consistent effort in acquiring a key skill can make you relatively solid at that skill.

Three years? You’ll be paid like one.

(Or, you can let Zucks and the tech moguls continue to steal your precious mental real estate.)

I share these with you because there’s never been an easier time to be distracted, lost in political vitriol —or with a gnawing feeling that we’re doing it wrong.

And I’ve been there.

But when you “win” your mornings, you win your days, then win your weeks —and ultimately:

You start to win your life.

Let’s make this the best week of your year.

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