You’re not going to be hand picked out of millions, you’re not winning the lottery — and Oprah isn’t calling you to be featured on her show.

(By the way, she doesn’t have one anymore.)

Hate to break it to you, but the myth of being discovered is holding you back —from doing the messy work.

(Oddly enough, it is this work that provides you a level of fulfillment a Powerball winning never would.)

Furthermore, believing this myth lets you and I off the hook:

Because if we’re going to be discovered at Starbucks, then we don’t need to do anything.

We simply have to hope, pray, wish and wait.

Yeah, that’s not a strategy —and no one’s coming to discover you.

Hinging the dreams and aspirations for this one experience of life on some external wizard or unicorn will only keep you on the sidelines.

(They’re cute little things, my fiancee Taylor has turned me on to them.)

So, what’s a better way?

Discover yourself.

  • Be willing to do the hard, messy, intense work.
  • Be willing to lean into your creative edge and ship.
  • Be willing to share your message when you suck.
  • Be willing to take bold leaps and bet on yourself.
  • Be willing to commit to mastery for the long haul.
  • Be willing to do the work when no one gives a shit.

And then, within this place —you realize a little secret:

You didn’t want to be discovered all along.

  • You wanted the thrill of chasing your dreams.
  • You wanted the purpose that comes with pain.
  • You wanted the trust that is only found within.
  • You wanted to learn who you were in struggle.
  • You wanted to give this experience real meaning.

Within every story of being discovered lies the untold ones of near misses, endless doubt and putting in the work long before anyone cared.

(Bruce Springsteen’s memoir is an all-timer when it comes to this work.)

So please don’t believe this illusion —because I talk to countless talented creatives, dreamers and visionaries who are waiting.

Please don’t wait.

Your future self is begging you to get started and stop waiting for some mythical oasis of being discovered.

We’re ready to listen if you’re ready to stand up and speak up.

However, we’ll only listen to those who have the courage to do so.

Will you?

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