Imagine if you woke up every morning and tuned your signal towards your North Star, completed a powerful ritual for clarity —and did courageous work towards what matters.

And because you did this every day:

Your growth became automatic.
Your growth became your habit.
Your growth became guaranteed.

In other words:

You no longer had to rely on sheer force, willpower or waiting for motivation —and executed every day.

Let me explain:

You already have behaviors you do every single day without conscious thinking —these are automatic behaviors.

They happen no matter what mood you’re in.
They happen no matter how you feel that day.
They happen no matter if you’re motivated or not.

And you can do exactly the same with other behaviors that drive you towards growth and momentum.

I call this automatic success —using the incredible power of habit to put your success on auto-pilot every day.

For example, what if:

  • Visualizing your North Star was automatic?
  • Training your physical body was automatic?
  • Deepening your spirituality was automatic?
  • Making bold offers every day was automatic?
  • Doing creative work you love was automatic?
  • Doing revenue generating work was automatic?

All of these can be —by creating powerful habits that serve you.

Because humans are designed for habitual behaviors —and there’s no such thing as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ habits to your system.

Instead of beating yourself up for having a scrolling habit —make a change and ask yourself:

What habits am I currently doing that serve?

(These are habits aligned with your future self, your North Star vision, and the values you want to live by.)

What habits am I currently doing that don’t serve?

(These are habits out of alignment with who you want to be and that drain your clarity, growth and progress.)

And then one by one —start to make your success automatic.

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