The highlight reel culture sets false expectations on your path —full of posturing, exaggerating and showing curated snapshots of what to expect as an entrepreneur.

(Including inflated revenue numbers, Tulum vacations, the oh-so-perfect-filter that took 19 takes.)

Not here.

It’s time to pull the curtain back on entrepreneurship —and what’s really happening behind the scenes.

Welcome to the anti-highlight reel.

Here’s the truth:

I’ve failed at 85% of launches —products, courses, etc.

I’ve had to choose between gas and food countless times.

I’ve marketed webinars and shown up to have three people.

I’ve had to invest every penny back into my business for years.

I’ve had to be at the grocery store with my card being declined.

I’ve had to work for other companies to make it through valleys.

I’ve written a full book for countless months only to throw it away.

I’ve hired people for thousands of dollars who didn’t do the work.

I’ve taken too long to hire and fire, causing insane levels of stress.

I’ve had to take out loans to make it through rough months and pray.

I’ve had to not pay myself for months only to barely make payroll.

I’ve had to work 7 day weeks, without stopping, to squeeze by.

Why does this matter?


Your path is going to be unpredictable.
Your path is going to have ups and downs.
Your path is going to test you like never before.

And guess what?

That is the process —because this game of growth and entrepreneurship are less about the results —which don’t get me wrong, are awesome.

(Like setting your own schedule, having the freedom to work anywhere —doing work that doesn’t feel like it and hour-long meetings about nothing.)

But it’s about who you become.

So if you’re out there feeling like “you’re not where you want to be”:

Keep going.

It’s a messy ride, but it’s a beautiful mess.

What’s your anti-highlight reel?

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